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Latest from the Campaign

On the 29th of January the last occupants of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp were forcibly removed after a five day long eviction ending over seven months of disrupting Scottish Coals plans. The occupation part of the campaign against the Mainshill open cast has now ended, but the struggle against the mine will continue.

Beginnings of a new wave of direct action in the Douglas Valley against Scottish Coal

Machines sabotaged at Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site

First conviction for a Mainshill Wood eviction

Jan-Feb Newsletter

Mainshill Solidarity Camp – Not an end, but a beginning

43 Arrested as Mainshill Eviction Enters Day 5

Eviction day 4: Solidarity Camp fights on

Eviction Update

Mainshill Eviction Date Given: Monday 25th January

Pre-Eviction Gathering – Saturday 23rd to Tuesday 26th January

Kick out the Contractors! – Info about contractors working at Mainshill

Off With Their Heads! – new short film looking at the politicians behind the decision to mine Mainshill Wood

Douglas shows its support for the camp over Christmas

Sabotage at Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Mine

December Newsletter Out Now!

Contractor’s vehicle attacked at Mainshill within minutes of arriving

CONsultation: Scottish Coal lie and decieve local residents over yet another extension

Autonomous Pixie Action in Response to Copenhagen

New Evidence Shows Scottish Coal Illegally Felled Woodland to Prevent Occupation

Another Successful Action-Packed Gathering

Bailiffs Attempt to Remove Bunker

Eviction Update, next Gathering and Media Release

Action at Mainshill: Tree felling stopped again in solidarity with communities

Weekend of Action and Workshops Sat 28th November – Tues 1st December

Gathering round-up: workshops, walks, sabotage and lock-ons

October Newsletter – click here to download

Stopping Work and Gathering Video

Work stopped again at Mainshill as loggers are blockaded out of the Wood

Sabotage and digger-diving – work stopped twice in two days at Mainshill Wood

Douglasdale edition of the Coal Health StudyFor weeks now the Solidarity Camp has been accusing South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Coal of endangering the health of communities through open cast – now finally we have a publication to show people just how disastrous open casting is for community health.

The Project

Scottish Coal, the UK’s largest open cast producer, has been given permission to mine 1.7 million tonnes of coal from Mainshill Wood in South Lanarkshire, a decision by South Lanarkshire Council that enraged local residents who for years have campaigned against this mine. There are four other mines in the area, making it one of the most heavily mined areas in Europe.


This new coal mine is only one of 20 such others to have recently been given planning permission in Scotland. If we are to have any chance of limiting dangerous climate change and protecting communities from carbon-intensive industries we must take matters into our own hands.

Scottish Ministers recently gave final approval to the site in April in a document released by the Scottish Government, after it was referred to them by the council. The report deemed the proposed site at Mainshill in the Douglas Valley to be “environmentally acceptable.” This is despite the fact that there are 18 residential dwellings located within 500m of the proposed site boundary, contravening Scottish planning policy on open cast sites. The fact that the proposed site is within the designated Douglas Water Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV) has also been overlooked by the planning process. The presence of bats, otters, badgers and water voles has not been fully explored.

The Community


Communities in South Lanarkshire have been opposing new open cast for many years and the recent decision, first by South Lanarkshire Council, then by Scottish Ministers, to approve this project has enraged local residents who for years have campaigned against this mine [1]. Over 700 letters of objection were sent to South Lanarkshire Council in response to the planning application by Scottish Coal, which for a population of around 1000 people shows quite clearly that there is no community consent for this project.

Impacts on nearby communities such as Douglas and Uddington will include noise, dust, HGV movements, impact on the landscape, ecology, and loss of recreation access.

There are four other working open cast coal mines within 5km of the application site, in particular Broken Cross, Glentaggart and Poneil OCCS, making this area one of the most heavily mined areas in Europe.

The Solidarity Camp stands in support of nearby residents opposing this mine and the inevitable other mines that will be applied for by profit-hungry Scottish Coal.

The Camp

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp was set up in June 2009. For over seven months the camp stood in the way of the open cast mine with fortified bunkers, tunnels, treehouses, a giant scaffold tripod and a fort. The camp had massive support from the local community with constant visits and donations of food. The campers survived one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades and were forcibly evicted in late January 2010. The eviction lasted five days and forty three people were arrested. The camp and the eviction were just one step in the battle against the open cast at Mainshill, the campaign continues.

Where it is

Mainshill is in South Lanarkshire, about 30 miles south of Glasgow.

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