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In June Ayrshire Power are expected to officially submit their planning application to build a new coal power station. They will be seeking clearance from the Scottish Government to build a coal station which would import and then burn at least 3 million tonnes of coal each year.

At a recent meeting held in West Kilbride, members of CONCH heard about impact that coal mining has on Colombian communities – a country which already exports coal to the existing Clydeport facilities and is the fourth largest exporter of coal in the world.

Their guest speaker, Claire H. explains more:

“Just last year it was revealed that Colombian state-sponsored death squads had used ovens to burn traces of people they had killed in the Catatumbo region. The death squads were sent in to terrorise the people into clearing their land, allowing the Colombian state and Multinationals access to the natural resources, primarily coal, palm oil and oil. Arriving into Fairlie on the train and seeing the coal infrastructure already there I was struck with the horrific irony that Catatumbo coal, got out of the ground by literally burning bodies, could potentially be burnt at the proposed coal fired power station. “

She adds

“At the CONCH meeting, I was positively struck by the humanity of you who were present as you saw the connections between the violence in Colombia, the determination of Colombians there to keep fighting to protect their communities and futures. So thank you CONCH for strengthening my, and many Colombians, faith in humanity.”

Tim Cowen, hoped that the visit from Claire would not be a one off and that closer ties between communities in Colombia and North Ayrshire could be established. He adds

“Claire’s testimony really made us think about the true price of imported coal. We are more determined than ever to make sure that the proposed coal station is not given planning consent. “

“Ayrshire Power’s plans are now expected to be lodged in June and people will have just 28 days to send in objections. Despite DONG pulling out and despite the recent vote in the Scottish Parliament, its vital that people are not complacent and do take the time to send in objections. CONCH will be arranging a public meeting so that people can get more information and also keeping people updated via our website”

For more information or interview contact Tim Cowen tel 07969 350825
email or visit

CONCH currently understand that Ayrshire Power will be formally lodging their plans with the Scottish Government on the 2nd June. This means that public notice adverts about the planning application are likely to be placed around Friday 4th June. The initial 28 day period in which people can send in objections is therefore currently expected to start around 11th June and run until roughly Friday 9th July.


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